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Knights Plaza @UCF


Knights Plaza: The Campus Town Center

Knights Plaza is a contemporary on-campus neighborhood where students “live, learn, and play.” It is a unique environment featuring a variety of housing, retail, social, entertainment opportunities, and experiences; a place to build on school spirit and pride today, and a visible recruiting tool for the students of tomorrow.

Knights Plaza is the ever-changing, easily malleable, always exciting, and somewhat surprising place where the UCF community and its neighbors come together to be entertained, to compete, and to celebrate together.

Our message to students, alumni and all who visit campus is clear: “Knights Plaza is the Campus Town Center.”

Burger U

Burger U

Tower 3 Courtyard

Tower 3 Courtyard


Visit Knights Plaza

Knights Plaza encompasses the 31 acres of retail, housing, and event space on the North end of UCF’s Main Campus. There is always something to do, see, or share at Knights Plaza - just ask the 2,000 students living in Towers, the half a million Addition Financial Arena and Venue guests, and the hundreds of thousands of Knights Plaza retail visitors. Knights Plaza is also home to the only free retail parking on campus (Garage F), so it’s easy to stop in, grab a bite, and relax with friends.

Something’s Always Happening at Knights Plaza - come by and see for yourself.